4 black cats Ew people shirt

4 black cats Ew people shirt

It is obvious to me but I guess not a 4 black cats Ew people shirt whole lot of people can say it but this is a setup its a thorough entire setup its gotta be a setup and the Senate ought to deal with it as though its a setup if she doesn’t show up then go ahead with the vote and now the accuser is saying she can’t show up she won’t show up until the FBI investigates ladies and gentlemen the whole business of the FBI investigating something that’s 36 years old is dubious at best. Strzok page texts reveal coordinated FBI leak strategy to harm trump according to mark meadows what I was gonna say is the stories written about this are so detailed that you can get lost I just want to sum up what meadows are saying here and he says the documents prove it they ‘ve got texts from Lisa page to peter stroke that prove this they want these texts made public and released an action was taken on me. I’m sure with as many people in this country as there are that there’s a lot of creeps and a lot of vindictive people. I went to Duke for college if for the med school of all my degrees I have learned the most about life from your program dr Alex Florida. Cnn was implying that all of this niceness and politeness to the accuser could go out the window tonight when Trump goes off script and he could once again start insulting everybody left and right so well just have to keep a sharp eye on it wolf you know the president gets in these rallies with his supporters and they egg him on and he loves it and he likes saying things that get them all worked up I was laughing myself silly I just broad smile on my face watching this

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Defying music industry and radio conventions one seven-minute single rapped entirely in Spanish has become one of the reggaeton’s greatest hits here’s a 4 black cats Ew people shirt look at how te boté climbed its way up the hot 100. There is a story whatever something dramatic has been learned here during the 2016 elections google was working hand in hand with Hispanic television networks and Hispanic get out the vote programs to get Hispanics to the polls on election day 2016 google. Did you hear me earlier reference the fact that the high school yearbook for this particular year in question has been scrubbed from the internet did you hear me mention this. You may already worship at the altar of Hal Ashby or never have heard his name but this documentary of the unsung hero of new Hollywood will make you want to re-watch his movies asap. Caller so if I had to describe Brett Kavanaugh that I knew from 1983 through 1987 I would describe him with one word as kind he is kind he is gentle he was gracious he was thought he was never somebody I would ever think of as a quote partier he was a good man and I’m just offended that all of this coming out

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These people don’t even know what equal time and fairness doctrines are equal time is still out there when it comes to politics and campaign a 4 black cats Ew people shirt and so forth it’s not been lifted so it just magically happened that I’m on every radio station from new york to Santa Barbara. Hillary Clinton discussed the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh the Mueller investigation and whether our democracy is in crisis during a visit to the late show with Stephen Colbert Friday. Jeff Flake is now saying he’s getting death threats and no matter how this ends its gonna be a cloud over everybody when it’s over no matter how the vote goes people are now starting to dig into Julie stick well they re digging into her story you have to be really careful here. Now let’s move forward to rod Rosenstein let me tell you what this is you know I believe in brevity brevity is the soul of wit what we know is what we have suspected what has been confirmed with the new york times story on Rosenstein suggesting trump be recorded to show his unsuitable nature for the presidency Rosenstein volunteering to wear a wire what we know is that there was and probably still is a movement at the highest levels of the department of justice and the Obama administration to undermine the campaign and then to overthrow Donald trump to undo the election results of 2016. Over the years I have very rarely made personal appeals to elected officials on the belief that it would be unsuccessful wouldn’t work it probably still the case however if I had a chance to talk to Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins I would like to say just one thing primarily to them

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