A girl her dog and her jeep shirt

A girl her dog and her jeep shirt

In an interview with the new york times Fallon unambiguously admits what the brett Kavanaugh destruction project is part of a A girl her dog and her jeep shirt high stakes two-step strategy to thwart trump via a former aide to Mitch McConnell headline democratic operative admits derailing Kavanaugh is really about saving the supreme court from trump it’s making sure that trump don’t get to confirm any of his nominees to the supreme court. So in our current climate, if Qualcomm says it since the media doesn’t like apple, to begin with, Apple is guilty that’s what’s happening essentially senate confirmation hearings are not even trials and they are still bastardizing the ruling with all of this. This particular thread claims that the reason that Dianne Feinstein was reluctant to go public with Christine blase ford’s letter is that she received a similar letter from the woman about judge Gorsuch no idea whether this is fake news or true

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Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a girl her dog and her jeep shirt lot of stuff happening out there that is being overshadowed by this story and to a certain extent the hurricane Florence and the aftermath in the Carolinas but I want to pass this on to you because this is important work that’s being done out there by project veritas James o Keefe has released another batch of secret videotapes that he made with people in what he’s calling the deep state at homeland security and the department of justice. I tuned in to watch it just not during the anthem it was after the game had started in fact it was probably 45 minutes an hour after it and I just remembered oh my gosh there’s a Monday night game on. So I have a question folks how are decent people ever prepared to deal with these kinds of never-ending allegations destruction perversion I mean we’re dealing with a genuine sickness here with people on the left

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You know what did not come up not one word, not one syllable not one reference to climate change or global warming at the A girl her dog and her jeep shirt united nations in the speech by president trump. Since 2008 the youtube franchise seven awesome kids has been a go-to destination for tween and teen girls who want to watch video content starring their peers the channel’s owner can rylett was arrested in Florida for lewd and lascivious molestation following an incident with one of the franchise’s young stars. Now let’s move forward to rod Rosenstein let me tell you what this is you know I believe in brevity brevity is the soul of wit what we know is what we have suspected what has been confirmed with the new york times story on Rosenstein suggesting trump be recorded to show his unsuitable nature for the presidency Rosenstein volunteering to wear a wire what we know is that there was and probably still is a movement at the highest levels of the department of justice and the Obama administration to undermine the campaign and then to overthrow Donald trump to undo the election results of 2016

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