Desert Storm Veteran T-Shirt

Desert Storm Veteran T Shirt

Even this decision won’t make me buy it. But people have to accept that she will make her own decisions for her child. After all it is not a Desert Storm Veteran T-Shirt to vaccinate. Instead of attacking her why don’t we all try to educate her on the benefits of vaccinations, which far outweigh the risks not just for her son but for the public at large? Nobody responds well to yelling.

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Desert Storm Veteran Hoodie
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Vaccines work, which why polio has been eradicated. I would like to be clear here, one kid not vaccinated is probably not going to hurt any one, but the more people who refuse vaccinations, the more likely they are to become terribly ill, which can easily be avoided. It maybe “cool” to b an ant-vax-er, but it’s not cool to do so at the Desert Storm Veteran T-Shirt of others.

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Saying vaccines cause autism is like saying ice-cream causes sun glasses. Relation, not causation. Know the difference, it may change the way you see the world. For those wondering, people are boycotting her makeup because is it really safe to put products on your face made by someone who doesn’t believe in science? Most people vaccinate their children and a Desert Storm Veteran T-Shirt few don’t.

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