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When this is over every bit of what dr ford is saying here will remain uncorroborated every bit of it when shes finished there isn’t a Full send no half to send shirt single witness that can or has corroborated what she’s saying in the interval between now and the end of this judge Kavanaugh will have his time before the committee. Cnn was implying that all of this niceness and politeness to the accuser could go out the window tonight when Trump goes off script and he could once again start insulting everybody left and right so well just have to keep a sharp eye on it wolf you know the president gets in these rallies with his supporters and they egg him on and he loves it and he likes saying things that get them all worked up I was laughing myself silly I just broad smile on my face watching this. They re-flooding the zone for precisely that reason they are trying to destroy and sully a reputation for the rest of Kavanaugh’s life here again decent people chuckles don’t quite know how to deal with this much less refute it other than to say its bogus

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There are two pieces that just conveniently coincidentally have come along to help me back up and elaborate on my gut instincts one of them is a Full send no half send shirt little blog post from Jim Geraghty at national review and the other is another column by the great and brilliant dr Shelby Steele whose latest piece that runs in the wall street journal is called why the left is consumed with hate. Richard Blumenthal senator from Connecticut lied for years about serving in Vietnam not just serving in Vietnam serving with great valor he lied for years thinking it would help his resume and that it would counter some of the beliefs that people have about left-wingers being pansies and this kind of thing so he routinely lies and the press doesn’t challenge him on it because they don’t want to challenge him on it because they don’t want to believe that he might be lying about it. Byron York reminds us that hill testified in October 1991 that Thomas harassed her in 1991 and 82 that’s like ten years before far more recent than Christine blase ford’s 36-year-old charge against Kavanaugh

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You know what did not come up not one word, not one syllable not one reference to climate change or global warming at the Full send no half to send shirt united nations in the speech by president trump. Its an odd speech pattern for an accomplished woman I’m not denying that it could be legit but its a speech pattern that garners sympathy you can’t say that out loud like I just did but I’m known for saying things you can’t say and again its the upspeak or the up talker there’s a pattern there are patterns of speech and they have been clinically analyzed and categorized and named and she comes off as an up talker ends sentences with an upward inflection which is how young girls young teenage girls come off. Said if Grassley waits long enough the Democrats will come up with a woman claiming to be Cavanaugh’s secret Russian wife that trump paid Kavanaugh’s second wife to hire a bunch of prostitutes and urinate on the bed Obama slept in when he was in Moscow

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