I’m stuck on you shirt

I'm stuck on you shirt

I realize it matters like this I still sometimes come across as naïve and I don’t care I really don’t then I’m stuck on you shirt idea that these people run around and broadcast proudly the idea that the accuser doesn’t have to prove anything that the accuser doesn’t have to corroborate you realize what all of this means you realize how easy it is now to derail anything the united states senate is doing. Byron York reminds us that hill testified in October 1991 that Thomas harassed her in 1991 and 82 that’s like ten years before far more recent than Christine blase ford’s 36-year-old charge against Kavanaugh. That poor guy that was Lewis there Russ Lewis I hope he doesn’t get canned for getting it right this was during the period of time I was discussing the fact that there was also gonna be pig manure which is also another old wives tale that comes from hurricane Katrina I even pointed out and I had that website and I showed it here I pointed out there’s no way it could rain sharks

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David called to say this is an I’m stuck on you shirt good man you know the swell I tell people he’s one of those people that you just hope you ‘ll come across once in your life and you hope some part of them will rub off on you and just so much of what I know about being a professional balancing work and life treating people of all levels with respect I learned from him and he’s just a good decent person. Will Ferrel has enlisted Jerry Seinfeld a multitude of late-night hosts and an all-star band led by red hot chili peppers chad smith to take part in Will Ferrell’s best night of your life details below. President Trump is doing a bang up job on the recovery from hurricane Florence in North Carolina I mean to tell you he’s there right now he had an all points meeting today with local and state officials about the plan going forward to facilitate all of the combined efforts of state local and federal to bring this part of the country back

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The one school of thought and there are many one schools of thought is that Trump is waiting to get closer to the election to declassify and release all of this so that it will have an I’m stuck on you shirt impact on people’s vote making decisions but there is other scuttlebutt and one of the most interesting I have heard is that the reason the president is not releasing is because it is so devastating to all the people you ‘re thinking about it James comedy Obama Hillary McCabe stroke smirk and page Bruce and Nellie or Glenn Simpson fusion GPS. Senator Hirono but really guess who’s perpetuating all of these kinds of actions its the men in this country and I just want to say to the men of this country just shut up and step up do the right thing for a change. Cody Wilson has been using the first amendment to defend openly spreading plans for 3d printed guns but could a sexual assault charge finally undermine his cause

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