Jesus Vibes Shirt

Jesus Vibes Shirt

Life is full of challenges and we need to acknowledge the fact that things often go wrong but there great things in Facebook that its viewers and users appreciate .I am an optimist and know that the good in it will outdo and out weigh the bad soon or later.My best to your family Mark ;best regards to your wife and little girls. While I appreciate the Jesus Vibes Shirt that you say are being taken, I am not entirely sure that these efforts are better applied elsewhere.

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Facebook is a wide open social media platform. Fortunately, there are controls in place to minimize bullying, harassment, and/or intimidation, there should be a level of expected personal responsibility that has to be assumed when reading what is posted. Anyone can pretty much post whatever they want without it having a basis in truth and can have a Jesus Vibes Shirt in their post to a completely biased and unreliable “source”.

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The same person that posts their opinion about candidate X can also say that they lost twenty pounds last week. It’s up to me, as a Jesus Vibes Shirt member, to look into claims, and determine whether they are true, untrue, or something that I cannot verify.  Piling on regulations and controls will do little more than increase the need for additional advertising (someone has to pay for all these controls) or turn FB into a paid service.

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