Keep The Faith Shirt

Keep The Faith Shirt

Would make it hard to breathe. Cops are there to fill a Keep The Faith Shirt and people no longer respect them. I get pulled over frequently with bogus accusations. I come from work in scrubs, name badge and ugly nurse bun. I get pulled over consistently because I am either coming home from work or going to work during ‘bar time’. I no longer respect cops because of the lies they have tried pulling on me.

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Sick of being targeted, my Keep The Faith Shirt is brand new and has cruise control. Besides being sleepy there is nothing I am doing that warrants being pulled over. Total domination over another when some diplomacy would have achieved the same. This physical assault from men in uniform is getting beyond horrific. Lost respect for our uniformed oppressors.

Keep The Faith Shirt, V-Neck, Tanktop, Ladies T-Shirt

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I find it appalling the number of men who have posted comments on this Keep The Faith Shirt who approve beating a female. Then I look at your profiles and see the connection. Shame that you have no character. That you were clearly raised wrong. One can only hope this doesn’t happen to your daughters, sisters, wives or mothers.

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