Lipstick lip bate Queens are born in november shirt

Lipstick lip bate Queens are born in november shirt

While Billie Eilish was in town for her first new york fashion week the Lipstick lip bate Queens are born in november shirt 16-year-old singer-songwriter sat down to discuss her writing process style and forthcoming projects during this year’s rolling stone styled conversation series at Manhattan venue vinyl. Your host was once again savagely attacked on television last night on CNN International’s newsroom they were talking about the allegations against judge Kavanaugh the anchor john cause was talking to Democrat strategist Caroline Heldman. The president just tweeted my comment which means he endorses it look I had no idea that it was going to be glommed onto by virtual every drive-by media outlet but it has been. Is anybody concerned about the fairness to Brett Kavanaugh in all this you know all of a sudden now the accuser is the focal point of everything here and nobody seems to be concerned about whether Kavanaugh is being treated fairly in any of this and that needs to be an element of this as well? Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a lot of stuff happening out there that is being overshadowed by this story and to a certain extent the hurricane Florence and the aftermath in the Carolinas but I want to pass this on to you because this is important work that’s being done out there by project veritas James o Keefe has released another batch of secret videotapes that he made with people in what he’s calling the deep state at homeland security and the department of justice

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So I got a Lipstick lip bate Queens are born in november shirt email rush you sound so confident about all this in terms of the way you describe the left and what they ‘re gonna do and what they re thinking you can’t be that confident anybody is yes I can folks look I really don’t like talking about me and I really don’t like inserting myself into situations like this where I have nothing to do with it but experience guided by intelligence this has happened to me and not just one time. Obviously, you have Samantha Guerry who wants to support her bud her BFF Christine blase ford but she’s not getting anywhere near naming Kavanaugh you note that’s the take away here, in fact, she makes it very clear not Kavanaugh. I’m sure with as many people in this country as there are that there’s a lot of creeps and a lot of vindictive people. Who would put their kids on a bus and say sayonara don’t want to see again but we’re not like the rest of the world? This particular thread claims that the reason that Dianne Feinstein was reluctant to go public with Christine blase ford’s letter is that she received a similar letter from the woman about judge Gorsuch no idea whether this is fake news or true

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People read these lies and they tweet them out and retweet them and people end up believing it and I just want you to be armed and be able to refute it so here is the Lipstick lip bate Queens are born in november shirt essence of what I said which was I must say sensitive in touch brilliant analytical and correct so here it is this is how you are now armed to deal with this insanity that not just about me but about pretty much anybody here who goes against the leftist conventional wisdom. Not only is there going to be a red wave where the Democrats retake the house of representatives it looks now like the Democrats could take control of the Senate too so the drive-by media went to Mitch McConnell to find out the truth on this get his take on the possibility to Mitch McConnell speaking with reporters about the upcoming midterm elections. I went to Duke for college if for the med school of all my degrees I have learned the most about life from your program dr Alex Florida. This is probably foolish but I have the opportunity here and I’m gonna give it just a little bit of a shot over the years I have very rarely made personal appeals to elected officials on the belief that it would be unsuccessful wouldn’t work its probably still the case however if I had a chance to talk to Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins I would like to say just one thing primarily to them I just saw a little news report that they re both wavering. You come from a world of decency and honor and common sense its a bygone era were now in the metro movement where there are exceptions but for the most part the woman says it and you have to believe it at least in terms of how you approach it you have to believe it it is political suicide not to accept it as true or likely

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