Nurse Saurus Funny Shirt

Nurse Saurus Funny Shirt

Terminating a life is not a good solution to not wanting to be a Nurse Saurus Funny Shirt.  I’m also very onboard with directing people to cheap, free, and affordable contraception. Throughtout this thread I have mentioned contraception as a valid option. Also I have volunteered/interned for an organization that provides critical thinking and self esteem groups/classes/mentorships.

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I also work at a college where I daily instruct and help develop students’ critical thinking skills through writing. I think perhaps you are assuming I am against contraception and education because of rhetoric you have heard about the prolife position. However, your Nurse Saurus Funny Shirt is wrong. Guttmacher says that 50% of unexpected pregnancies occur while contraception is being used.

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I don’t think that we can fix the ‘unwanted pregnancies’ problem by saying that you can have all the Nurse Saurus Funny Shirt you want with whomever you want as long as you’re taking your little pills. I think the strongest pro-life statement that can possibly be made is that the other side likens human babies to tapeworms, ticks, and bacterial infections. I am not sure you intended to make your side look quite so terrible.

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