This Way Two-Seater T-Shirt

This Way Two Seater T Shirt

Private Member’s Bills are not often expected to get past their second reading and most never make it to become an Act of Parliament; often it is just a This Way Two-Seater T-Shirt for MPs to make Parliament aware of an issue they are concerned about. As such, many Bills that are presented as Private Members Bills are poorly thought out and, as Chope says, “sloppy”.

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What you also have to remember is that MPs who want to get a Bill presented in this process have to be put into a ballot because there are only a certain amount of Fridays where they can be read as Parliament usually does not sit on Fridays and the MPs are travelling back to their This Way Two-Seater T-Shirt.

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As such, these Bills are often not taken seriously by many MPs, especially those who didn’t ‘win’ in the ballot, which is why debates on Private Members Bill Fridays are so poorly attended. Chope seems to have appointed himself as a watchman for ill-conceived or poorly written Bills and surely it’s a good This Way Two-Seater T-Shirt to have at least someone, from whatever party.

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