We Are All Scum Shirt

We Are All Scum Shirt

Then think they’re going to heaven. Yeah right… Good for them. I hope they’re happy. Kids as a woman and now it wants to be a man. No matter what both of you think and do your dna will always tell what gender you really are. The lord must be absolutely horrified at what his creation is doing on earth. The We Are All Scum Shirt needs more supportive parents like this.

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I commend you. Unconditional love from a parent at its finest. We all need to learn to expect what’s it.  I think if she really is a women, the doctors need to give her a uterus and ovaries to experience monthly cycles. Oh, and have to give birth and experience that too.  This is so disturbing , the We Are All Scum Shirt glorifying metal illness !!

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These people need a psychiatrist and lots of meds for their delusion. The msm also needs meds pretending that any one can just change their sex gender by chopping one’s body! Sick !  In recent times people hear each other’s thoughts, heard by the mind and the influence of emotions and feel of each other. I can finish this We Are All Scum Shirt, i hope to receive the interest from.

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